The List of HAZARDOUS ASTEROIDS (PHA) and COMETS discovered by MASTERNet automatically software

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The name Discovery Date mag Size(m) Publication MASTER-Observatory --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAZARDOUS ASTEROIDS: 7 MASTER HAZARD Asteroid 2015UM67 SVAROG (506074) 2015 Oct 28.88218 16.9 940m MPEC 2015-V01 MASTER-SAAO automatically MASTER software 6 MASTER rediscovered HAZARD Asteroid 2011 QG21 2015 Aug 17.94764 17.2 300m MPEC 2015-Q28 MASTER-IAC automatically software : the difference with PHA is 0.0017 5 MASTER HAZARD Asteroid 2014 UR116 2014 Oct 27.69287 16.8 750m MPEC 2014-U121 MASTER-Kislovodsk automatically software 4 MASTER rediscovered HAZARD Asteroid 1998 SU4 2014 Sep 16.68681 17.7 350m MPEC 2014-S14 MASTER-Tunka automatically software. The MPC error was 180degrees at our discovery time 3 MASTER discovered HAZARD ASTEROID 2014 EL45 2014 Mar 09.93416 16.4 750m MPEC 2014-E80 MASTER-Kislovodsk automatically software, was sent 4h after discovery, the world is not fair 2 MASTER HAZARD Asteroid 2013 SW24 2013 Spt 27.55584 16.3 190m MPEC 2013-S74, ATEL5432 MASTER-Tunka automatically software 1 MASTER HAZARD Asteroid 2013 UG1 2013 Oct 22.51742 15.6 240m MPEC 2013-U31,NASA MASTER-Tunka MASTER automatically software COMETS: COMET C/2021 K2 (MASTER) 2021 May 10.09454 19.1 MPEC2021-L89: COMET C/2021 K2 (MASTER) MASTER-OAFA automatic software, paramaters_in_MPEC2021-L89 COMET C/2020 F5 (MASTER) 2020 Mar 16.96882 15.8 MPEC2020-G73: COMET C/2020 F5 (MASTER) MASTER-OAFA automatic software also publishied in ATEL 13619, parameters COMET C/2016 N4 (MASTER) 2016 Jul 15.145XX 16.8 MPEC2016-O266: COMET C/2016 N4 (MASTER) MASTER-IAC automatically software info about The FIRST MASTER-IAC COMET COMET C/2015 K1 (MASTER) 2015 May 17.140XX 16.3 MPEC2015-K70 COMET C/2015 K1 (MASTER) MASTER-SAAO automatically software IAUC #4105: COMET C/2015 G2 (MASTER) 2015 Apr 07.12551 10.7 MPEC2015-G28: COMET C/2015 G2 (MASTER) M503ujx MASTER-SAAO automatically softwareinfo about The FIRST MASTER COMET (at MASTER-SAAO)