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HD 80606 b

HD 80606 b has the most eccentric orbit of any known extrasolar planet. It has been the focus of past AAVSO/Transitsearch campaigns to search photometrically for transits. To date, there is no evidence that transits are occurring.

The HD 80606 b results page from the pre-2007 transitsearch.org site is located here.

The HD 80606 b periastron passage will be the focus of a 30-hour Spitzer Space Telescope observation on Nov. 20, 2007. During this time interval, there is a ~15% probability that the planet will undergo a secondary transit behind the star. Transitsearch.org observers are encouraged to monitor HD 80606 b during this encounter, and through the transit window which ends roughly a week later. Further details will be posted soon.

HD 80606 b has been a major focus for articles on the systemic web log. A partial listing of posts discussing HD 80606 b includes:

1. December 01, 2005; 2. March 06, 2006; 3. May 08, 2006; 4. July 30, 2006; 5. December 07, 2006; 6. January 31, 2007; 7. April 16, 2007; 8. August 20, 2007.

Observers are encouraged to obtain as much photometry as possible of this extremely important and intriguing system.

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