Candidate Assignment Algorithm

This applet generates an observing list based on an observer's location and time. It returns a list of target stars rank-ordered according to the probability of viewing a transit within the user-specified time window. Before making observations, check the results page for each star that is returned. Many short-period planets, for example, 51 Peg b, have had the possibility of transits ruled out to extremely high degrees of confidence.

To use this program, enter in your location, and the local times at which you wish to begin and end observing. The date you enter should correspond to the calendar day at the time at which you begin observing. For example, if you wish to observe from 9:37 PM October 23, 2007 until 3:21 AM October 24, 2007, you would enter 21:37 for the starting time, 03:21 for the finish time, and 10/23/2007 for the date.

'Rise Time' and 'Set Time' correspond to the times at which a particular candidate star rises above and sets below an airmass of 2.00 as seen at the observer's location.