Mobile Astronomical System of the TElescope-Robots


Two Sites: Moscow & Kislovodsck

1,2 - Modifyted Richter-Slefogt Camera (355mm, 200 mm) The system was designed by V.Yu.Terebizh in 2001 (, and then has been made by Gennadiy Borisov.

(2 - Sponsored by Evgeniy Osminkin); 3 - Flugge System Camera (Diameter - 280 мм) D/F - 1:2,6; 4 -Write Camera disigned by Anatol Sankovich (D = 200 mm, D/F = 4)
Type - Deutsch
Maximal angular velocity 8 degree/s

Very Wide Field Camera near Kislovodsk: MASTER WFC-Kislovodsk
Up to 1200 square degrees up to 13 m.

Very Wide Field Camera near Moscow (40 x 60 square degree) (CCD 1392 x 1040 pix, Sony).

CCD-camera Alta U16 Apogee (4098x4098 )

Two (R & V) CCD-camera Pictor-416


Memory 3 Gb
Hard Memory 3 TBt
Intel 3.2 GGz

Moscow Union 'Optica' using the work of Moscow State University scientists designs wide-field robotic system MASTER-II, III, IV full automatized system to control nearest and far space. MASTER can discover, estimate coordinates and make fotometry of Super Nova stars, gamma-ray bursts, asteroids (inculing dangerous one). This system can discover and measure satellites and space refuse parameters to within 0.1 ang.sec. precision. MASTER-IV can observe all accessible sky in one night. Telescope can register the objects up to 20 stellar magnitudes at the 24 square degrees field in 1 minute. The precision of coordinates estimation is to within 0.1 ang.sec., photometry accuracy is better 0.1 for stars at observation limit. So as Super Nova above 20 magnitude and gamma-ray bursts are in cosmological distances, we can tell that MASTER controls all Universe. Telescope was designed by Moscow Union 'Optica' using the work of scientists of Lomonosov Moscow State University.